Будущие проекты

“Great silk road”
| Дата: 06.06.2015

The story is aboutthe events thattaken place in 121 BC, II century of BC, an epoch of Chegandinsk culture. Sogdian language is the language spoken in the territories of the Great Silk Road. The film is in the genre of peplum. There're fictional characters in the film, through their lives we show a big picture, recreating the era of that time, showing the places where was located the Great Silk Road, different countries, nations, customs and traditions.

“Years of joy and love”
| Дата: 06.06.2015

The film is based on the famous work by A. Nurshaikov «Years of joy and love.» Appealing to the novel structure of modern Kazakh cinema is not accidental.The film is of a romantic genre and at the same time heroic and patriotic, because the story tells of how the protagonist Yerbol passes through the Great Patriotic War.

| Дата: 06.06.2015

David, a young man who has lost his memory, finds himself the subject of a bizarre experiment that shifts him back and forth between alternate realities.

One of these realities is a time soon after the Third World War when, weakened by the global conflict, the human race falls easy prey to Martian invaders who occupy the earth, siphon off the planet's oxygen and give it back in capsule form only if the people do as they are told.

“The friendship, tested by war”
| Дата: 06.06.2015

The film is based on a true story and shows friendship between the Chinese and Kazakh composers. During the World War II, Almaty city (the capital of Kazakhstan at the time) and its citizens give shelters to tens of thousands Soviet evacuees from the central regions. Great Chinese composer Sy Sinhai, who studied under European masters in France, happens to be in Almaty, Kazakhstan when the war starts and consequently he can't return home.

“Future football”
| Дата: 06.06.2015

Future Football is a story about an international team of football players that will have to confront players from another galaxy. Interplanetary football has long become a means of conflict resolution.There are no more arduous, bloody wars that used to destroy the planet and led to the Great Depression at times.

“The gulls”
| Дата: 06.06.2015

A fascinating and intriguing story isabout those known as «The gulls.»They are young, beautiful, sexy and little frivolous...They get used to have the best things in their life and at the same time not payingfor anything. The glamour girls who are the gulls of high society: blond Angel,brunette Lolita, redhead Belle and mulatto Panther got themselves in trouble, being engaged with the criminal authority. They crossed his path, being unaware of that, by taking something of value belongingto the «authority».

“Particularly dangerous blondes...!”
| Дата: 06.06.2015

We all have heard a story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs••. But what happens if things are the other way around: there is one dwarf and seven Snow Whites? And they are not quite Snow Whites, but seven Blondes?

| Дата: 06.06.2015

The project envisages the creation of the first large-scale full-length film about a truly legendary and mysterious personality of a Queen Tom iris. The fascinating story of a girl who became Queen Tomiris, story of love for the motherland, for its boundless steppesy and bravery.

| Дата: 06.06.2015

The Kazakh side proves that it is necessary to take an urgent measures and offers an alternative development plan for the salvation of the world and the Earth - a new system - ACME. Among the Kazakh delegation is promising young scientist Timur Yerasyl. Kazakhstan party meets the enthusiastic support from members World Summit.

“Al Farabi”
| Дата: 06.06.2015

Scientists all over the world are trying to unravel a mystery, putting forward their hypotheses about the life of the great scientist and philosopher of the Islamic World, who was called 'The Second Teacher', the firstteacher being Aristotle. The film takes us to the era of 9oo's and depicts the story of Al Farabi.

Фильм больше похож на музыку, чем на литературу. Это должна быть прогрессия настроений и чувств. Тема, то, что за эмоциями, смысл, всё это приходит позже
- Стэнли Кубрик